The company


“Afoi Ntouma & Co” company is the sequel of the family business “Ntoumas Alexios & Co”, one of the oldest companies in the field of embroidery construction, founded in 1981. Since its foundation it has been following a steady development with a long-term perspective, remaining among the top companies of its kind.

Bearing special expertise of high quality, human resources and high tech equipment, the company manufactures embroidery in any cloth, such as t-shirt, polo, sweatshirts, knitwear, textiles, leather, delicate materials, such as tulle, organza, elastic cloths, jackets, towels, furs, hats, even backpacks and handbags.

Following the development in its field and insisting on the provision of high quality services, our company uses new technology, electrical devices of latest technology, laser cutting and engraring, as well as materials of the highest standards.

Constantly updating its provisions, our company made another crucial step in 2007 when it launched the construction of programs for embroidery devices, offering in this way rapidness and flexibility in the frame of its cooperation with clients.

Undoubtedly, the careful renewal of the machinery was and still is constant, like the laser cutting and engraving, machines for large embroidery, machines for sequin of different sizes, machines for embroidery in sewn clothes, as well as machines for embroidery in hats.

Our company’s staff is highly skilled and trained, bearing unique personality and aesthetics, years of experience and sense of responsibility, they have acquired the needed experience so as to produce high quality embroidery and having as the sale aim the ultimate need satisfaction of our clients.

The embroidery is manufactured in modern electronic embroidery machines, either directly to the material ( garment, hat, towel, backpack etc. ) or if the client wishes it, any kind of signs can be manufactured of any shape and size, which are installed from the client later on.